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Voice of Peace Organization

Voice of Peace Organization

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The Voice of Peace Organization is an Afghan inclusive independent, non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical Organization, which is essentially bereft of impartial with regard to all types of political, intellectual, tribal, linguistic, provincialism and all other discriminations.

  • The Organization has been registered with the Ministry of Justice in 1396 (2017) under Registration # 3030. It embarked upon its activities after obtaining license from the afore-mentioned Ministry.
  • In view of the current unstable and insecure atmosphere, a number of patriotic individuals, religious scholars, tribal leaders, university professors, and representatives of civic societies convened a meeting in order to seek means whereby to overcome the current unstable atmosphere and to put an end to the controversies. As such, the participants unanimously arrived at the conclusion to establish an effective foundation in order to work honestly to put an end to miseries confronted by the Afghans and to bring about a sustainable peace in the country.
  • For establishing such an effective foundation, the majority of the members of the Organization invited Dr. Nematullah Safi to repatriate and to start work for establishment of an Organization.
  • Mr. Safi, with in cooperation with his experienced colleagues succeeded to establish the Voice of Peace Organization in a very short time and obtained license from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Afterwards, the founders of the Organization organized election of a number of candidates as the result of which Dr. Nematullah Safi, Mr. Abdul Rashid Alami Mr. Habibullah Bahar were elected as President, Vice-President and Secretary of the Organization respectively.



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