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Kandahar Refugee Organization

Kandahar Refugee Organization

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The Kandahar Refugee Organization (KRO) is a humanitarian organization helping people in emergency situations.

Background: The Kandahar Refugee Organization (KRO) is a national level, local, non-political, non-profitable, non-governmental organization working for humanitarian and rehabilitation roots in Afghanistan. The organization was established with legal permission from the Ministry of Economy, Afghanistan on 16th January 2019 in Kandahar by Afghan entrepreneurs and agriculture specialists. KRO is an Afghan organization that is committed to the development of the local economy and building local capacity for sustainable development. We have an established specialized network in all of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces; our full-time regional coordinators are responsible for implementing and coordinating all of our field activity that includes livelihood, food security, agriculture, WASH, research, capacity building, disaster management, and placement.

VISION“KRO visualizes a poverty-free society, socially and economically self-reliant and conscious about basic right and human dignity.”

MISSION STATEMENT“KRO is working with the Afghan communities at the grass-root level to find a solution for sustainable development with due dignity. Therefore, KRO will take all necessary initiatives/measures towards empowerment and self-determination of community people enabling them to solve their socioeconomic problems by themselves towards poverty elevation.”


“To help and develop the distressed, needy, neglected, and vulnerable people of Afghanistan socially and economically by providing them necessary assistance for sustaining their lives and conditions especially the women and children.”


Leadership: We listen to and learn from our community. We address the root causes of community problems and mobilize resources for the common good.

Equity: We strive for equity and we focus primarily, but not exclusively, on people who are vulnerable.

Inclusiveness: We practice and champion inclusiveness in our community. We honor diverse strengths, needs, voices, and backgrounds of all members of our community.

Accountability: We serve as stewards for our community investments and honor the charitable intentions of our donors to meet current and future community needs. We KRO hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, service, and fiduciary responsibility.


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