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intersos afghanistan

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In 2020, INTERSOS provided an integrated health, nutrition and protection programme using a community needs-based approach. The programme supported the provincial health system in the provinces of Kandahar, Zabul and Kabul in peripheral health facilities, and provided primary health assistance through mobile outreach teams in remote and underserved areas. INTERSOS multidisciplinary teams composed of medical staff and protection experts provided basic health and nutritional care services, referred people to specialist services, carried out awareness-raising activities, provided psychosocial support and interventions to ensure the livelihoods of vulnerable members of the host communities, returnees, mainly from Pakistan and Iran, and internally displaced persons from areas disputed between the government and armed opposition groups. In addition, INTERSOS promoted the response to COVID-19 through the provision of personal protective equipment, triage and referral to specialist services.

We work in Afghanistan since 2001.



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