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Bridge Hope Health Organization

Bridge Hope Health Organization

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Bridge Hope Health Organization (BHHO) is a non-Profit and Non Political community based organization established by People who use drugs (PWUD) in May 2015.

Bridge Hope Health Organization (BHHO) was founded as a network for people who use drugs. BHHO’s remit has now expanded to include key populations affected by HIV and people living with HIV. The development of the network is informed by a community consultation undertaken with over 400 people who inject drugs and other key populations in May 2015. In addition, a situation assessment was undertaken to help BHHO understand the Afghan systems for planning and delivering harm reduction, drug treatment and wider HIV prevention services. This has helped inform the focus and remit of BHHO both as a community organisation representing people who inject drugs, other key populations and people living with HIV. BHHO provide harm reduction service for key affected and effected population.

BHHO’s approach long-term sustainable health, economic, social life and development of men, women empowerment who use drugs. BHHO facilitates the clarification of local concerns followed by support to planning and implementation of local heath development initiatives. We have three core principles: Basic services to reinforce livelihoods, health, human rights and harm reduction and strengthen emergency assistance.

Currently, BHHO is implementing drug harm reduction project with the financial support of UNODC – UNDP/GF; and with the technical support of UNODC and ANPASH/MoPH.


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