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Afghan Wireless Communication

Afghan Wireless Communication

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Afghan Wireless Communication Company (www.afghan-wireless.com) is Afghanistan’s first and largest wireless communications company. AWCC has been a catalyst for Afghanistan’s growth, investing over $750,000,000 to date, creating over 100,000 jobs, and employing more than 6000 people, including a technical team with 20 years of market-leading expertise and experience. 

Having received our telecommunications license from the Ministry of Communications, Information & Technology in 1998, AWCC was the was the first organization to offer cellular service to Afghan consumers and businesses. Today, 25 years later, AWCC is the largest mobile network operator in the country, delivering rapid, reliable, and robust communications services to more than 5,000,000 customers – from individual consumers to Government entities and from small, local businesses to large, international organizations – in all 34 Provinces. 

AWCC is a true pioneer of Afghanistan’s telecom sector, consistently developing and deploying innovative voice, data, internet, and mobile financial services. AWCC was the first operator to launch 4G LTE services in the country and we now have a 4G nationwide network that is larger than all the other mobile operators’ networks combined. As one of the first operators to receive a fiber optic network license, AWCC has invested heavily in building a world-class, nationwide fiber network that delivers high-speed data and internet service with unparalleled security and reliability. AWCC’s mobile money arm, Afghan Besim Mobile Money Company (ABMMC), offers swift, secure mobile banking services nationwide, including money transfers, salary disbursements and smart payment of utility bills for consumers, businesses and Government entities.  

AWCC is a core part of the Bayat Group (www.bayat-group.com), Afghanistan’s largest private company and employer. The Bayat Group has more than 20 years of experience and expertise building enabling enterprises and infrastructure that have helped drive the country’s development in critical fields. The Group includes the Bayat Foundation (www.bayatfoundation.org), Afghanistan’s largest private foundation, which focuses on improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable and at-risk Afghan people. The Bayat Foundation has implemented thousands of projects in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan, including constructing twelve hospitals that have treated over 3,000,000 mothers and children, and providing life-saving humanitarian aid, clothing, food, and medical supplies to millions of people across the country.  


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